Архив международных новостей

VII Latin American Congress of Jungian Psychology
Conflict and Creativity: Archetypal Bridges and Borders
June 3 — 6 2015, Buenos Aires Argentina

Fourth Joint Conference of the IAAP and the IAJS
Co-Sponsored by the Yale Divinity School
Psyche, Spirit, and Science: Negotiating Contemporary Social and Cultural Concerns
9 to 12 July, 2015
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

Dear Colleague,
I would very much appreciate your circulating the attached among your membership. Please do not hesitate to come back to me if you require any further information.

Best wishes, Pramila Bennett

A Joint Jung/Lacan Conference: The Notion of the Sublime in Creativity and Destruction

St. John’s College, Cambridge, UK
Friday, September 12 to Sunday, September 14, 201


Analytische Psychologie zwischen gestern, heute und morgen: Wohin entwickeln wir uns als Individuen und Gesellschaft?
Schloss Schönbrunn, Wien
21-29 August 2014


A Note from the IAAP President
July 1st, 2014