Jungian International Training Zurich

Dear Friends of Jungian Psychology,

As 2016 draws to a close, I would like to invite you to consider a year-end donation to ISAPZURICH through its educational and fundraising arm, the Jungian International Training in Zurich foundation (JITZ). We rely on support of friends like you who understand the Jungian approach to psychotherapy and its understanding of individuals and culture. The steadfast goal of JITZ is to help train leaders to carry this work forward into the next generation.  

ISAPZURICH is unique. Located in the city where Jungian psychology was born, it attracts students from all over the world to engage in intense daily study, classes and supervision. The faculty honors and teaches the understanding of Jung, adding new insights developed from Jung’s original work. ISAPZURICH also carries out research, publishing, public lectures and other events that may be viewed on its website, www.isapzurich.com.

In 2011, JITZ began its Civilization in Transition conferences to raise money for ISAPZURICH and provide a forum for Zurich analysts to address serious problems and thoughtful responses for the 21st century. Success in both goals exceeded expectations. We found American participants (and those joining us from other countries) hungry to look deeply into our world’s dis-ease, and into themselves for answers. After Allan Guggenbühl presented his mythopoetic work with troubled youth in Switzerland, Santa Fe’s David Barton set up Barrios Unidos (Neighborhoods United) to help Native American and Latino families work with their youth through stories and practices from their own cultural roots. Its home is in Chimayo, New Mexico, where the drug overdose rate is the highest in the entire US. David is now a JITZ board member.   

Continuing and enlarging Jung’s work requires many dedicated contributors. JITZ has helped through financial assistance to students, creation of a pictures archive, and subsidies to the Counseling Center, where advanced ISAP candidates offer low-cost psychotherapy. Last year we cooperated in filming interviews with those who have played important roles in Jungian training. As we reach toward our $20,000 fundraising goal for 2016, we offer any one of these interesting, informative videos for gifts of $100, two videos for $250, four for $500, and all nine for $1000. Let us know your preference/s. You may view these at http://bluesalamandra.com.

Be assured that gifts of any amount will make a difference and each will be doubled by the Oswald Foundation’s generous offer to match all donations up to $10,000. JITZ is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All contributions by US taxpayers are tax deductible.  Make checks to Jungian International Training Zurich and mail to 1757 Branard Street, #1, Houston TX 77098, USA. Credit card donations may be made through PayPal, by going to www.jitzurich.org and clicking on the “Donate by Credit Card” link.

With warm regards,

Murray Stein, PhD, Vice Chairman

Kathryn Cook-Deegan and Wynette Barton, Co-Chairpersons

Kathryn Burns, Treasurer

Margot Stienstra, Secretary

David Barton

Barbara Lane